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Born in 1993. Foxy fat ass girl all day. Read my About Me page in the links below or you'll regret it. I don't appreciate follows from any appreciation/bbw/fap blogs. Fuck off. INSTAGRAM: iridessence

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Finished!! <3


Thank you! It’s so pretty. ♡_♡
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vanity is therapy.
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and this is actually from spring 2012 but i still pretty much look the same in the face.
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your ass doesn’t look like it’s lacking anything to me. ;~;
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I wish I had a bigger booty but it’s soft and it’s mineee 

You can post~

first of all: this booty is a great booty
second: i’ve been dealing with some booty issues this week myself and it been tough but i’m going to work through it.
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becauseeeee… yeah.

having trouble breathing rn
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Here’s some more~ (you can post)


omg y’all are making my chest tight with these submissions.

i won’t cry i promise

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Made rebloggable by request.
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I got bored.
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SIGNAL BOOST: My poc-safe, queer-posi, body-posi, disabled folk-safe art project.
Introducing… Amateur Artists Connection!
This was something I thought up back in October and asked a couple other bloggers  (Rimadeer [and gracelizabetty possibly]) to help me with my little project. i ended up becoming too busy with school to even think about it but now that I’m on break, I can! So… here it is!
The mission statement goes as follows…
“The purpose of this blog is to unite local amateur and aspiring models, photographers, fashion designers, makeup artists and any other purveyors of creative mediums in a fat positive, queer positive, anti-racist and anti-ableist environment. Many people who are of color, queer, fat, disabled, or just plain broke to afford creative services, are unrepresented in this medium, and this blog seeks to do its part by fixing that under-representation in the modeling industry.”
Please please PLEASE check it out and reblog, we really want to garner interest to bring folks together. Also, see if you’d like to submit.
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Typical racist rhetoric:
The “oh, but you’re not like the rest of them” line.
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Just a new follower saying hi


A very generous submission from a new follower. ^_^
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I see the acronym POC online and my soul wells up, brims over with this sense of pride and unity and then I get off the computer and go to school or into the city and I’m slapped in the face with the reality of how many non-black people of color are anti-black.

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Sneak peak of my shoot with Andrew Francis!
Styling by me :)

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Did some thinking and…

like, I love cats and all… and i love people who love cats and all but i mean damn.

tumblr is a safer space for cats than it is people of color.

a photo of an itty bitty kitten has about a 1% chance of negative feedback on this site, or seeing its (nonexistent) culture appropriated or some other species-related discriminatory bullshit perpetuated. And so that’s why sometimes I’m like… “aaw, kitty!” and other times I don’t like or reblog a cat post because I remember “fucking cat, gets treated like a human more than I do.”

that’s just the internet I guess, where a cat has more privilege than i do. CAT PRIVILEGE, TUMBLR, THIS IS YOUR DOING.

this is a serious post.