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Born in 1993. Foxy fat ass girl all day. Read my About Me page in the links below or you'll regret it. I don't appreciate follows from any appreciation/bbw/fap blogs. Fuck off. INSTAGRAM: iridessence

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Finished!! <3


Thank you! It’s so pretty. ♡_♡
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not a nude but i thought you’d appreciate it anyway :D i appreciate these panties anyway. feel free to post if you want~

i love batgirl! i watched this episode of the new batman adventures about her dying yesterday morning. it was pretty fucked up til the end. cool underwear tho
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This picture of me was tagged on facebook, and I don’t like it.  (It was taken dead in the middle of a 150-mile bike ride, and I was on the verge of an anxiety attack)
Maybe you can help me feel less like Muk and more like Teddiursa?

150 miles… 
i envy your ability (and your bike i mean i really want one)
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Belly for you (you can post if you want)

So round and cuddly. ;~;
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your ass doesn’t look like it’s lacking anything to me. ;~;
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you can publish :)
i’m getting lightheaded for real you guys.
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sharing is caring~~
i’m dEAD
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becauseeeee… yeah.

having trouble breathing rn
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Here’s some more~ (you can post)


omg y’all are making my chest tight with these submissions.

i won’t cry i promise

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(you can post this!)
aaaaaahhhhhhh *tears*
i got a nude!
first breasticles to hit my inbox. send me moar!
yours are great btw
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My fat body is a temple!
Every roll and every dimple
Inner thigh chub rub pimples
Yes it’s really just that simple!


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I’m officially taking the term “big girls need love too”, spitting it on it, shitting on it, dragging it through the mud, and replacing it with “big girls get love too. They always have, they always will. Stop acting like a it’s a surprise, motherfucker. BYE.”

Sounds better, yeah?

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Am I a model yet?