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Born in 1993. Foxy fat ass girl all day. Read my About Me page in the links below or you'll regret it. I don't appreciate follows or messages from any appreciation/bbw/fap blogs. Fuck off. INSTAGRAM: iridessence

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[Image: The poster shows two girls sitting close together on stairs. Both are Asian—I believe it is implied that they both have Chinese heritage—and one is femme, while the other is more androgynous in presentation. There are two lists, written in both Chinese and English. The one in blue reads, “Claire / Year of the Rabbit / Nursing student / Enjoys swimming / Listens to hip-hop / Loves Michelle,” and the one in orange reads, “Michelle / Pisces / Plays violin / Biology student / Likes photography / Loves Claire”.]

A wonderful campaign, Our City of Colours, to increase awareness of gay issues within Vancouver’s ethnic communities.