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i think in a way, i may seriously pursue modeling, especially modeling for myself, but i’d definitely branch out to model for other photographers if they were interested in me.

it won’t be my main thing, but I love to do it. i want to show off so much more of myself and try new angles and styles but i’m so limited right now. i want to achieve a portfolio the likes of tess munster and many others, but i understand those people are full-time models and i feel like people who make a career out of modeling have or find a lot more resources and people to work with.

so i’m just going to have to make friends with makeup and hair people and designers because i don’t always want to do creative things by myself i guess.

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  1. morgaynx said: I tried to do modeling..I joined Model Mayhem and everything. But I didn’t have transportation to get to any Photo shoots so I never got anywhere with it. But you should try to join and see if you can get some shoots in so you can build a portfolio.
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  3. naturalprose said: No matter the road you take, I’d just be pleased as spiked punch to see you modeling and doin’ the thang. :3
  4. fluididity said: if money is not a primary objective @ first (or at all?) maybe u could get things off the ground by finding a legit photographer on model mayhem &do a time for prints trade or somethin. i’m probably telling u things u already kno, but just in case..
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