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Born in 1993. Foxy fat ass girl all day. Read my About Me page in the links below or you'll regret it. I don't appreciate follows or messages from any appreciation/bbw/fap blogs. Fuck off. INSTAGRAM: iridessence

Tumblr Themes Best Friend Application

i’m in the market for a best friend. if you are already a friend and looking for a promotion, you may also apply

Applicant must meet the following criteria:

-must be willing to take naps with me

-must be nice (i’m not really the *jokingly insults you* type)

-must be able to read body language or at least pick up on signs of my sadness (otherwise you’ll probably never know because I don’t really verbally express my sadness)

-must have at least one musical artist in common with me that you like

-must tolerate all things Batman/DC

The following are bonuses but not mandatory:

-live near me

-able to share clothing with me

-like to take pictures with friends

-somewhat comfortable in many social settings (a large party, nightclub, small group hangouts, festivals, etc.)

-like to make me food

-like to share things about self

Pretty much accepting all applications

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  1. awkward-panda-is-awkward said: I would love to be your best friend but we are so faaaaaarrrrrr :(
  2. to-deep-waters said: Either way you can always have free hugs from me. <3
  3. think-thank-thunk said: I am these things, but I have no idea where you’re located.
  4. officialcalsprite said: … I fit, like, all but living near you, and am unsure of your clothing size and music preferences. Wait, Beyoncé, I think. Pretty sure you’ve mentioned her. >.>
  5. plumptastic said: I can do all of it (except live near you, I ddon’t know where that is, but I’m in Chicago!)! I have plans for a superheroine tattoo sleeve, but I already have Gambit&Rogue on me (I know, Marvel, but still!)…pick me pick me! :P
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