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You know what, Tumblr? To hell with it! Hell I say! I will post multiple photographs of my face ‘cause my scars are fancy as fuck.

what’s the meaning for her? i allways look at this things very spiritualy, if it doesn’t have a meaning is just a lil stupid, fashion banalizes everyting

Um, no. People are not obliged to list the meanings behind how they choose to modify themselves just so you can decide it’s not ‘stupid’ and ‘fashion’. The motivations for modifying oneself are pretty often something that people aren’t comfortable talking about in public and that doesn’t diminish them in the slightest.

Ruby chose to scar her face because… she chose to scar her face. It looks wonderful and fits her perfectly and that is all.

Personally, I don’t talk about what my tattoos or scars mean because they are deeply personal choices I made for myself and frankly it’s not anyone’s business apart from the few people I am closest to.

Preaaaach ^^^

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