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my response:

Please point out where I ever said that promoting “healthiness” was fat-shaming. And please point out where I said the only reason people dislike fat bodies is because they’re insecure or assholes. If you think that this is what I’m saying, then there’s a problem. Aside from that, I’m not sure where this ill-informed message of yours is coming from. Perhaps you’re reading not what I said but what you want me to say so you can have something to tear apart for no good reason.

And you’re right, people who preach hurtful, untrue things in a rude manner are assholes, which is exactly what I was talking about in my post. The kind of people who say things like “you should kill yourself because you’re fat” and “you’re disgusting, no one could ever love you” because…

1. Beauty is subjective.

2. Being unattractive is no reason to kill oneself.

3. You don’t know who has, does and will ever love me.

And thinking differently does not make you an asshole. I have negative fourteen fucks to give about what goes on in your, or anyone else’s head. But thinking a certain thing that’s unwarranted, given that my body has literally nothing to do with any of these people ever, and then going out of your way to tell me in a deliberately hurtful manner does make you an asshole, or a person with asshole tendencies. You don’t care how it affects me. You don’t care what choices I make because of it. You want me to be upset about it.

If you don’t like a particular song, do you go out of your way to find the artist and tell them they are disgusting for ever creating something like that song and that they deserve to die or be harmed?

No. You stop listening and walk the fuck away.

My body will have about as much of an effect on you as some song will. And I never once demanded that anyone who didn’t like my body should like it anyway. I literally DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. I have more than enough people that will like/love my body. What I’m talking about is people who blatantly disrespect my body.

So to sum it all up: not blaming anyone for my insecurities anymore. I’m blaming you for being a fucking asshole.

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