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Insecurities about the “Darkness” of Skin.

I’ve been seeing a lot of shadeism and skin-colour related crap on my dash today. No bueno you guys, we need to get over this.

Fucking colorism. My mom hates how dark she is and it hurts me.

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    hhhhhhhhhgggghhhhh!!!!! I need my aunts and grandma to see this! I’m tired of being sent skin lightening soaps and being...
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    Fucking colorism. My mom hates how dark she is and it hurts me.
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  6. sakisakisaki said: Yes! Big ups to Bangladeshi women who are not all about being “Fair & Lovely”. It’s all about the “shamla” skin. Preach it girl!
  7. kevinmosley said: I’m sorry. I can’t relate, but I’m really pale with red hair. My skin never tans. It only burns. my ironic comment was that a lot of white people always want to know why I am so milky. I’m not dark enough. Basically, no one is ever fucking happy.
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    i love everyone but we really need to stop with all of this. it makes me so sad because when i was a kid everything was...
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